Bali Agent Export  

7eBali Agent Export become Java Agent Export (2013)

Although Indonesia has an excellent resource of raw materials and crafts people to match, unfortunately local manufacturers often have little or no "brand" of the standards required to insure the exporting of reliable quality products. 7e BALI AGENT EXPORT insures that only merchantable standards of quality are applied.
WHY do you need Agent at Bali or Java to handle your business???

The MOST important you need buying agent and sourcing agent is TIME SAVING!
As your buying agent 7e BALI AGENT EXPORT can save your time. Our experienced sourcing team will transport you directly to all the principal manufacturing locations and suppliers locations in Java. We are only working with reliable, professional suppliers who expert in their products.

Indeed, the suppliers give us the best and competitive price, lower than public price you may get, one of the reasons that you need an agent to handle your trading overseas. 7e Bali Agent Export provide best price for our customers also for hotel rate and car rental during your visit Bali and or Java.
Second reason is you need trustworthy team to quality control, quantity recheck, follow up the order and updating the progress and dispatch your request properly to the suppliers. May you hear in many cases buyers are very disappointed because the merchandizes they bought while visit are far different when they got at their countries.
And the third is you need professional, punctual and reliable team to organize your merchandizes between suppliers and cargo during the shipment. The good buying agent will handle overall, from your first day visit, getting to suppliers, selecting goods, negotiation prices, quality control, picking, collecting at warehouse cargo, packing and sending complete with all documentation you needed.

Agent Fee is 10% of total invoice of your purchase order to suppliers.
FREE agent fee for Shipment Service!
Business Travel Cost for buying and sourcing at Bali is USD 50/day.
The Price includes Car, Gasoline, Driver, 7eBali Agent Export Crew, 8hours tour.
Sourcing Agent Fee is USD 250 per request by email or e-contact.
Buying ang Sourcing Agent USD 900 per month, Bali area.
Buying ang Sourcing Agent USD 1,500 per month, Bali, Java & around. is under license and managed by:
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